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General Information

What is the weather like in Malaga?

The climate of Malaga is one of the main attractions when choosing the city as a tourist destination. It is also an essential reason why Malaga has risen as a sun destination in the minds of the whole of Europe. First of all, it is not unreasonable to say that there is not really a bad month to travel to Malaga.

The climate of Malaga is very mild in winter, with very mild minimum temperatures. Summers are moderated by the city’s proximity to the sea. Rainfall is scarce, with an annual average of 469.2 mm. The greatest rainfall occurs between November and March, with the summer being very dry. An average of 70.9 rainy days a year is recorded.

Malaga has an average of 2,901 hours of sunshine per year. The maximum value corresponds to July, with 354 hours, and the minimum to December, with 167 hours. This, together with its mild temperatures, make Malaga’s climate ideal in winter and very pleasant in autumn and spring.

November is one of the transition months in the city. It is no longer possible to go to the beach, but travelers looking for cultural tourism can enjoy the great advantages of the low season, such as the price and availability of city services.

What language is spoken in Malaga?

In Malaga, Spanish is spoken, although Andalusian is more likely to be spoken with Malagan touches. The use of English among merchants is increasingly widespread, especially in the most touristy area, so it will not be difficult for you to communicate, even if you resort to the universal language: gestures.

What is the currency used in Malaga and what is the cost of living?

The currency is the euro. In terms of prices, Malaga is the fifth city in Spain and that shows in its prices. It is not at the level of Madrid or Barcelona, ​​but it is not as cheap as Salamanca or Granada either. Here is a reference list with some prices:

Metro ticket: €1.35.
Bus ticket: €1.40
A beer: €1.40-2.00
Taxi from the airport: €20-30.
Dinner for two in an average restaurant: €30.

How are the plugs and what is the voltage of the electricity?

The type of plug in Malaga is type C, which is made up of two round and parallel plugs, while in the wall plug we find the two holes where it is connected.

The voltage in Spain is 220 volts and 50 hertz alternating current.


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